Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year

OK, this is going to be short and sweet and to the point. Everybody have a happy holidays for whatever you’re celebrating!

Me? Oh, I’m being shoved out the door by my lovely lady to head out to Windsor. Apparently, the five minutes I took to scratch myself threw off our schedule. I’m now in the mobile dog house …

See you when I’m back from Windsor.

I’m Back! With Weights!

Yep, I’m back from up north and I brought back the old weight set! I just finished my first workout in a long time! Which is why I’m going to keep this short because I can barely lift my arms beyond the level of the keyboard …. oowwwww ….

Despite what some may believe, I am not just here to go out and review movies for them. I do indeed have better things to do with my day. Like … ummm … Oh Yeah! Figure out whether or not I’ll wear my underwear on the inside or out! (back off …)

4 more shopping days until Christmas

Another Set of Changes

Thank you to those proud few who have been brave enough to tread upon my site!

I’ve now fixed up the graphics so that the scroll bar is contained within colored area. It’s a little change, but one that makes me happy. I guess I’m starting to run out of excuses to start filling in content … : )

Here’s one! I’m heading up to the cottage tomorrow with my Dad. In addition to helping him with several tasks, I’m grabbing the ol’ weight set from storage! Yeppers, it’s time to start the evergreen resolution of losing weight a few weeks early. I’m going to turn myself into the most buff nerd around! Or at least in this particular basement!

Presents are wrapped and sitting beautifully under the tree. It’s snowed here in TO for those that don’t live here. It’s really starting to take shape as a proper Christmas. Why, Erika and I have even totally finished off the gingerbread house! Heh heh heh, that’s why I need the weight set …

Oh and on the advice of Stevie, if my Dad comes at me with the chainsaw I’ll duck.

Another X-Mas Rant

OK the tree decorations are up, and I have something to say. Since Erika never ever comes and reads this site, I think I’m safe.

This is our first X-Mas Tree. So Erika wanted to do things her way. WHICH translates into the exact opposite of however anyone else does things. What colors did she want for the tree lights? Blue. As blue as this page. Not any kind of traditional Red or Green (I even had to fight with her on getting WHITE!!!!) but an ‘Are you choking on a chicken bone’ kind of blue!

So I get over that. (Obviously, I didn’t do a very good job of that)

Then we get to the ribbon. She proceeds to run the ribbon straight down the tree VERTICALLY. Maybe that’s how some other people do it, but I’m used to the ribbon running in nice circles around the tree. Don’t even bother to ask me what color the ribbon is …

Once again, Merry X-Mas! (sigh)

Going Down to the X-Mas Wire

Man, it’s really starting to creep up on that fantastic date! I only have around 10 or 14 days of procrastination left with my present buying!

Erika and I went out yesterday to get our Christmas Photos taken. Tonight we’re going out to buy our ‘First’ Christmas Tree! Then, we’re going to go buy me a cardigan and a pipe because apparently I don’t fit the Norman Rockwell image just quite yet! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Honestly, just give me the gifts, let the snow fall, and all of this would be much easier! Better yet, just give me the money you would have spent on me so that I can spare you the impossible task of reading my mind! And with that …


I’m just kidding of course. You know I’m not happy unless I’m up to my eyebrows in torn wrapping paper. My Mom can attest to that …

"Get to sleep! Do you want to ruin Christmas by staying up? How about I just give you all of your presents right now?"

Love ya ma …

After the Move

I’m betting that nobody actually reads this stuff, but just in case …

Erika and I have successfully moved. We’re in the new place now, and I have just finally got everything together and working. I actually let Erika move the ‘server’, and I’m thinking that may have been a bad idea. The first 10 times I tried to power it on, nothing happened. It probably has nothing to do with who moved it, more like the fact that it’s held together with bubble gum and elastic bands … : )

I’m hoping to put up more regular posts. Then again, I’ve got so much to do …

The First Real Post

OK, I’m just about through with testing this. I’m just about ready to start babbling … : )

Might as well start off with a topic that’s close to my heart. Baseball. Mark McGuire announced that he is retiring. Unlike MJ, he has no plans on making any kind of a come back. So how do I feel about this?

Well, McGuire was one of my all-time favourite players. I was jumping for joy when he broke 62 and each time he hit a dinger after that. Did I buy into that whole Andro-thing? No. McGuire has always been a solid player. A little bit injury prone but nonetheless consistent player. How else would you descirbe the average of a home run every 10 at bats?

I think that we should applaud him. Despite the hole that he may leave in an injured sport, you have to respect what it is that he is doing. In a league ripe with over paid money mongers and television contract seekers owners, McGuire said that none of that matters to him. He had another two years on his contract but he felt that he could not perform to the expected level. So he retired. There’s something noble about that which every athelete should take notice of.