Not Just High Tech

No sir … I might be all about the tech stuff … for instance, let me apologize to those following me for the oversharing of late … between TwitPic and FourSquare, I may have been a little too forthcoming … back on track, yes I love the tech stuff … but I also like to enjoy some low tech things to play around with.

My most recent forays into the low tech world have come about because of my renewed interest in D&D.  Running sessions for the boys, I’ve been experimenting for the part year on ways to deliver a better experience at the game table.  This has led to some very amateurish wood working and crafting.  I’m getting more comfortable running with a dremel now, with only that one head injury to speak of.

So my mind has started trying to figure out other little projects that I might be able to do around the house.  A CD holder for Shari in the van, because with her returning to work she’s going to be listening to music a lot more.  A holder of some kind for my new tech toy, the iPhone.  Something that will allow me to set it down and watch movies and such.  I was even trying to figure out a way to make a shade tent using PVC piping.  However that one bit the dust based on costs.  But where one project may die, several more will rise to take it’s place.

I’ve always … ALWAYS … been in awe of people who can create things with their bare hands.  I spend so much of my day mired in things which are virtual and intangible.  Sure you can make a good looking web site, but it’s not the same as carving something out of block of wood.  Of building a motorcycle from scratch.  Even something as simple as drawing a comic strip.  All of these things are born from an artist’s two hands and their mind.  I often wish that I can reach something close to what these people do, and as of late my little projects have scratched that itch.

Another part of this is about my kids.  I want them to see that it is possible for them to grow their creativity.  To see that nothing should ever hold them back and that if they want to create there is nothing in their way.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if there’s a Dremel Jr. for the kids …

So … I’m An iWhore

Hello world!  Time for another bunch of random thoughts from yours truly.

First off and most importantly, Logan turned one this past week.  Just when I think our little family has settled into something resembling a routine, along comes another of life’s milestones.  And when they come knocking, they usually involve some kind of awe-inspiring life changing changes.  You’d think having seen Brianna do it already, I would be numb to some of Logan’s achievements.  Happily it’s not the case and as I watch as he takes his first steps, starts climbing stairs, starts mumbling MaMa or DaDa … it just rocks my world.  Happy birthday Budgie-Boy!

Now … in regards to the title of this post … yes, I finally have my Jesus phone.  The right deal finally came around and I’m now rocking an iPhone.  And let me tell you, there’s a reason they call it the Jesus phone.  Man does it do EVERYTHING  I’m Twittering.  I’m Facebooking.  I’m reading my news.  I’m listening to my music.  I’m watching videos.  I’m doing location based social networking gaming!  I may even put in a phone call here and there!

So clearly I’m enjoying it.   Perhaps too much as I’m littering some of your facebook pages with some of my little application test runs. “Mike is now the mayor of Blockbuster,” like you care … 😀  I think the biggest thing that I’m enjoying is that as I wonder if there’s an application which could fulfill a need which I randomly think of during the day … BOOM … there IS an app for that.  I know it’s cliche but I’m just amazed at how much is available for this thing.  Perhaps the only thing which I’ve found thus far to be on the weak side is Dungeons and Dragons support.  Even that, I don’t think I’ll be running campaigns from my phone, but my laptop instead.

Yep, I’m an iWhore.  And at this particular moment, I don’t think I really care at all.

Is It Worth $25?

So apparently there’s been a class action law suit going on against Apple … it’s in regards to one of the early generations of Nanos being susceptible to scratches due to a lack of a protective coating …

Mine’s not too bad for scratches … but that’s not what’s at stake here … rather mine IS covered under this settlement … so I could apply and receive a nice $25 cheque from Apple … hmmmm … what should I do?

And yes … I know my wife will be all over my ass saying DO IT!!!

So I Slipped A Little

For those of you who may not be in the know … way back for my birthday several of the crew got together and picked me up a Wii Fit … now I actually didn’t get my hands on it until earlier this month because of the scarcity of the damned thing … but I’ve actually been a good little boy and have at the least stepped onto that board every day since I got it …

Until today.  Ooops.

I’ve actually been getting up early EVERY weekday just so that I can have a couple of minutes of cardio, yoga and stregnth excersizes … but for some reason today i just couldn’t bring myself to fire the damned thing up … it could have something to do with the fact that ONE of the yoga poses has rendered my knees into something resembling a sailor’s knot … damned Chair pose …

Does My Butt Make My Butt Look Big?

Hey everybody … yeah I know … once again I’ve been slacking off in the blog writing department so I’ll try and make up for it here with a big ol SUPER blog post … just picture a cape fluttering behind me in the wind or something …

Yes it’s the New Year which means it’s once again time to look at one’s self in the mirror and try to figure out how many pounds you can lose … and yes, even I fall prey to this line of thinking … I can’t recall if I mentioned it back in November or not, but the friend squad chipped in and picked up Wii Fit for me for the b-day … well, they said they were going to buy me one once they found a copy … well that copy was found and Wii Fit is now in our house!

What does this mean?  Well it means that I am now attempting such Yoga poses as ‘The Warrior’ and ‘Tree’ while a generic character on screen tells me that my balance seems a little shaky … I don’t think you need to worry about me too much unless you hear me moaning a lack of Lululemon apparel for men …

We Carders had ourselves a nice little merry Xmas … the real tree we bought only fell over two or three times so I’d chalk that up as a win … Brianna was cute as hell in just about every picture we snapped of her … i’ll get around to posting some of those soon enough … the whole family made out pretty well in terms of Santa delivered treats … i won’t go into a specific list but there were many smiles under the tree this year …

So what am i vowing to take care of this coming year?  Well … aside from installing a yearning for ladies yoga wear … I guess I’ll once again vow to cut out sweets and to keep excersizing … I’ve actually done the Wii Fit thing 5 days in a row thus far!

Oh yeah … and I was excited and then VERY dissapointed with my Miami Dolphins … yay for the turnaround season … boo for the four or five picks which Pennington threw in the playoff game …