Plans To Make

So I’m finding myself thinking about projects which I’d like to start up.  Lord knows I have no current shortage of things to do or projects which I’m already up to my eyeballs in.  At the very least, there is; This web site The football pick site The genealogy site The D&D group and of […]

Apparently One Thing I Missed

Apparently I missed what would have been the 10 year anniversary of my presence on the net. Nov 14th, 2001 was when I first put up a web page and started talking. So happy belated anniversary to me and my thoughts. I’ll try and keep ’em coming.

Damn It’s Cold

Yessir, it’s the start of a new year. Outside my window right now it’s FREEZING cold but that isn’t going to stop me from thawing out my fingers and doing some typing! But where to start? There’s so many different things to talk about. First up, one of the many gifts I received this year […]

Time To Talk Trailers

So this week saw the release of two trailers for some pretty geeky upcoming movies.  Obviously, I have an opinion to share … 😀 So the first trailer I caught was the one for the new Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  Now I may not be an expert on the original subject matter, but […]

Let Me Tell You A Story

So I’ve been in a bit of a cocoon as of late … and not like the kind floating in a swimming pool waiting for Wilford Brimley and Steve Guttenburg to find them … no, I’ve been trapped in a game. Almost 20 years ago, back in 1993 a little game called Doom was unleashed […]

What Does Change Mean For You?

Guess what?  Life’s been busy for me … surprise surprise eh?  The big change which has occurred  in the Carder household is the fact that Shari has started a new job.  Yessir after fifteen or so odd years of selling soap at the Body Shop she has now entered into the wilds of the corporate […]

Not Just High Tech

No sir … I might be all about the tech stuff … for instance, let me apologize to those following me for the oversharing of late … between TwitPic and FourSquare, I may have been a little too forthcoming … back on track, yes I love the tech stuff … but I also like to […]

What I Can Now Deal With

Those who know me are aware that for many a year I’ve had a powerful gag reflex, The mere thought of even something I didn’t like approaching my mouth was enough to set me off gagging. Which is why I’m so amazed at how things have changed for me. Sure you bring the wrong food […]

So … I’m An iWhore

Hello world!  Time for another bunch of random thoughts from yours truly. First off and most importantly, Logan turned one this past week.  Just when I think our little family has settled into something resembling a routine, along comes another of life’s milestones.  And when they come knocking, they usually involve some kind of awe-inspiring […]