Two Font Links With An Eye On Design

I’ve been looking to overhaul the ol’ black box once again, so I’ve been scouring around the net for some inspiration.  Just for my own sanity, I thought I would record two sites which could provide a bit of inspiration … through fonts …

Blambot – Is a site I’ve used frequently for a number years now.  I just love the art style of these fonts, and a number of them are free!  Score!

Tack-O-Rama – I came across this site by accident, but this is the kind of aesthetic which I think I want to redo the site in.  Again, a ton of free resources which is always a plus.

And yes, I’m thinking that I want to maybe go with a Streamline Moderne kind of feel for the site.  I’m playing with some images and I’ll see how they pan out.

Plans To Make

So I’m finding myself thinking about projects which I’d like to start up.  Lord knows I have no current shortage of things to do or projects which I’m already up to my eyeballs in.  At the very least, there is;

  • This web site
  • The football pick site
  • The genealogy site
  • The D&D group and of course the site related to that
  • Cleaning up the garage
  • Convincing Shari that the “hobby” room needs more of a gaming slant …

So despite the fact that I’ve got all of that currently on the go, I still find my mind occupied with yet one more project.  Specifically I’m thinking about trying to learn more about how car engines work.  It sounds so stereotypical but I really would like to be able to work on our vehicles all by myself, and have my kids right there by my side learning how to do it as well.  Yes I know that neither one of them is anywhere near an age where they can comprehend how things really work.  However these are the years where I could learn the basics myself,  and when the kids are of an appropriate age I could be in a much better position to help them learn as well.  Plus if the kids see me doing things right now then perhaps they’ll yearn to be able to help me once they’re older.  Fostering interests now so they can have something to grow into sounds like a pretty good idea.

So.  I basically want to start to tear apart my Cavalier.  Little things at first.  I do however want to try and tackle more involved jobs, something beyond just changing the air filter.  The problem of course is that not only do I need the time to do this but I also need to make sure that I won’t need the car immediately in case I REALLY screw it up.  The car itself has been paid for for a couple of years now and a quick check online let me know that on the used market I’m only going to get at most $5K for the thing.  So I’m not worried about resale value.  Nope, I’m going to want to try and tear into that car and learn just exactly how it ticks.

Or maybe introduce some ticks where there weren’t any before … hmmm …