What Does Change Mean For You?

Guess what?  Life’s been busy for me … surprise surprise eh?  The big change which has occurred  in the Carder household is the fact that Shari has started a new job.  Yessir after fifteen or so odd years of selling soap at the Body Shop she has now entered into the wilds of the corporate world.  She’s working for a data harvesting company as a receptionist / office coordinator.  It’s a good fit for her, and thus far she’s really enjoying herself.  It’s slightly less than full time hours, so she can boogie home early and pick up the kids from day care.

Oh, there’s change number two.  BOTH of the Carder kids are now in daycare.  For Brie it’s just another day but it’s a pretty big change for the big man.  His first week went well aside from the fact that there was only one day where he didn’t have an incident report.  If you’re not in the know, any time that a child hurts themselves, there’s paperwork.  An incident report.  In a short week of four days, my son had three.  That kid is going to be a bruiser.

And for me?  Well, once again I’m trying to get back to the gym on a regular basis.  It’s a glorified excuse of course to use my iPhone, not only for some tunes but also for some workout tracking apps.  And of course the foursquare checkins.  You can’t forget those.

So what does all of the above mean?  It means that our happy little family is doing quite well adjusting and that makes me happy.  It leads me to hope that if my kids can adjust to change like this, then they’ll be better prepared for what life may have in store for them.  Granted they’re not going through major upheaval, but who knows what will come down the road next?