Not Just High Tech

No sir … I might be all about the tech stuff … for instance, let me apologize to those following me for the oversharing of late … between TwitPic and FourSquare, I may have been a little too forthcoming … back on track, yes I love the tech stuff … but I also like to enjoy some low tech things to play around with.

My most recent forays into the low tech world have come about because of my renewed interest in D&D.  Running sessions for the boys, I’ve been experimenting for the part year on ways to deliver a better experience at the game table.  This has led to some very amateurish wood working and crafting.  I’m getting more comfortable running with a dremel now, with only that one head injury to speak of.

So my mind has started trying to figure out other little projects that I might be able to do around the house.  A CD holder for Shari in the van, because with her returning to work she’s going to be listening to music a lot more.  A holder of some kind for my new tech toy, the iPhone.  Something that will allow me to set it down and watch movies and such.  I was even trying to figure out a way to make a shade tent using PVC piping.  However that one bit the dust based on costs.  But where one project may die, several more will rise to take it’s place.

I’ve always … ALWAYS … been in awe of people who can create things with their bare hands.  I spend so much of my day mired in things which are virtual and intangible.  Sure you can make a good looking web site, but it’s not the same as carving something out of block of wood.  Of building a motorcycle from scratch.  Even something as simple as drawing a comic strip.  All of these things are born from an artist’s two hands and their mind.  I often wish that I can reach something close to what these people do, and as of late my little projects have scratched that itch.

Another part of this is about my kids.  I want them to see that it is possible for them to grow their creativity.  To see that nothing should ever hold them back and that if they want to create there is nothing in their way.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if there’s a Dremel Jr. for the kids …