So … I’m An iWhore

Hello world!  Time for another bunch of random thoughts from yours truly.

First off and most importantly, Logan turned one this past week.  Just when I think our little family has settled into something resembling a routine, along comes another of life’s milestones.  And when they come knocking, they usually involve some kind of awe-inspiring life changing changes.  You’d think having seen Brianna do it already, I would be numb to some of Logan’s achievements.  Happily it’s not the case and as I watch as he takes his first steps, starts climbing stairs, starts mumbling MaMa or DaDa … it just rocks my world.  Happy birthday Budgie-Boy!

Now … in regards to the title of this post … yes, I finally have my Jesus phone.  The right deal finally came around and I’m now rocking an iPhone.  And let me tell you, there’s a reason they call it the Jesus phone.  Man does it do EVERYTHING  I’m Twittering.  I’m Facebooking.  I’m reading my news.  I’m listening to my music.  I’m watching videos.  I’m doing location based social networking gaming!  I may even put in a phone call here and there!

So clearly I’m enjoying it.   Perhaps too much as I’m littering some of your facebook pages with some of my little application test runs. “Mike is now the mayor of Blockbuster,” like you care … 😀  I think the biggest thing that I’m enjoying is that as I wonder if there’s an application which could fulfill a need which I randomly think of during the day … BOOM … there IS an app for that.  I know it’s cliche but I’m just amazed at how much is available for this thing.  Perhaps the only thing which I’ve found thus far to be on the weak side is Dungeons and Dragons support.  Even that, I don’t think I’ll be running campaigns from my phone, but my laptop instead.

Yep, I’m an iWhore.  And at this particular moment, I don’t think I really care at all.