Well I Guess I’m On To The Next …

OK … SimplePie didn’t work out like I thought it was going to … basically SimplePie is like an engine … you can have a Corvette engine sitting in your driveway … and it’ll look nice and even theoretically run … but unless you got a car wrapped around it, there’s not much point to it … I might come back to SimplePie and try and build my own RSS Aggregator …

So what I’ve decided to cave in and try is Skype … there’s a number of people I know who are using it … and when you’re going client to client it’s free … so hey, why not give it a whirl?  So if you’re reading this blog and have used it before … sound off … let me know what you think of it …

EDIT – As Sean pointed out … this sounds like I was trying to replace SimplePie with Skype … nope … I’m just moving from one project to the next … 😀

One Reply to “Well I Guess I’m On To The Next …”

  1. For a minute it sounded like you were trying to use Skype to replace SimplePie, which confused me, then I finally clued in.

    I’ve been using Skype for years with the family overseas to save on expensive phone calls. The audio quality is amazing when you’re doing PC to PC, and the video is pretty good when using webcams.

    While you’re at it you should check out “Fring”. I can’t remember what phone you have but if it’s Win Mobile, iPhone, or Symbian Fring will let you connect to Skype / MSN / gTalk / AOL / etc all in one mobile app and it supports full audio chat with them all. Pretty slick!


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