Plans To Make

So I’m finding myself thinking about projects which I’d like to start up.  Lord knows I have no current shortage of things to do or projects which I’m already up to my eyeballs in.  At the very least, there is; This web site The football pick site The genealogy site The D&D group and of […]

Apparently One Thing I Missed

Apparently I missed what would have been the 10 year anniversary of my presence on the net. Nov 14th, 2001 was when I first put up a web page and started talking. So happy belated anniversary to me and my thoughts. I’ll try and keep ’em coming.

Damn It’s Cold

Yessir, it’s the start of a new year. Outside my window right now it’s FREEZING cold but that isn’t going to stop me from thawing out my fingers and doing some typing! But where to start? There’s so many different things to talk about. First up, one of the many gifts I received this year […]